Online Resources for building your DIY Escape Room


As you can guess, most of my research and ideas were gathered using google. I will list a few resources that I found very useful. I’ll also try to list them in the particular posts about certain phases of the project.
I am sure that I will miss citing all my sources, but I take no credit for any of the ideas as I’m sure I got it somewhere on the web or at a escape room.


Reddit – Escape Rooms – Most active subreddit on the topic. Includes a lot of professionals and some DIY
Lock, Paper Scissors – Company that provides pre-packaged escape room kits. Has a great tutorial on the process of creating a DIY escape room. This is the basis of the process I followed
Date NIght Wingman – a good resource on puzzles, codes and other aspects of building the game. Also sells escape room kits Blog – Lots of good posts about all things escape room. Many regarding professional/business, but still useful of DIY escape room builders. Especially the 101-best puzzle ideas for escape rooms
Immersive Tech – Immersive Tech is the leader in creating interactive, real world experiences. They create experiences for promotional event activations to longer term installations. Check out the Immersive Tech News for lots of ways to step up your DIY escape room
Escape the game  – A book and other resources on all aspects of escape rooms, including business aspects. Site also has many good tips on escape room topics and games in general. Took some good ideas from the book.
YouTube – An obvious one. Lots of videos on commercial escape rooms (good for theme ideas) and how-tos on professional and DIY props and puzzle building
Breakout EDU – An awesome educational focused spin on the escape room concept. Basically, teams trying to break-in or unlock boxes. Tons of different games, and large teacher following. Make sure to check out their /digital section – games played completely online

I’m sure am missing some, but this is definitely a good start. Please let me know what resources you found helpful.