Exit The Game - The Secret Lab and Abandoned Cabin

Exit the Game Review

I had not played any of the escape room inspired commercial board games yet, so these were on my Christmas wish list. Nicely, I received two for presents: Exit the Game – The Abandoned Cabin and The Secret Lab. I played both these games with a couple of my high school age nieces and nephew.

Game Basics

The game is marked for 1-4 players, age 12 and up. It also has a suggested play time of 1-2 hours. I would generally agree with these. The first time playing any of the games takes a longer time to figure out the rules and method of playing. For my group this was about 20 minutes. Each game has a separate difficulty rating, novice – expert (5 degrees).

The games consist of several card decks – riddles, answers and hints. Also extra pieces like decoder disk, story book and other miscellaneous game play pieces. Both games I’ve played had very similar parts.

General Game Review


  • Interesting Puzzles
  • Puzzles can involve multiple players
  • Story and puzzles mesh well
  • Cool method of checking correct answers


  • One time play
  • Some puzzles just Meh!
  • Involved setup/directions. Only issue for 1st time


Exit the Game – Abandoned Cabin

Exit the Game - Abandoned Cabin

We enjoyed playing the game, but it was frustrating at times. It’s difficulty rating is 2.5 out of 5. The story is pretty good. Your group is locked in an abandoned cabin and working through its rooms to finally unlock the door to freedom. The puzzles fit well into this general story line. The pieces of the game also matched well with the story.

The puzzles were interesting and varied. The methods of solving them were not always obvious. Though with others the method was easy but figuring out the answer was the challenge. I’d say that we used clues on about 2/3 of the puzzles. The help cards are progressively more helpful until the last one provides the solution. We did not need to use any solution cards.

Unfortunately, you do mark-up, cut and otherwise destroy some parts of the game during play so re-use is hard with these games. I think with some slight adjustments you could play and still re-use the materials.

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Exit the Game – Secret Lab

Exit the Game - Secret Lab

This game has a difficulty rating of 3.5 out of 5. This game is definitely more challenging then the Abandoned Cabin. I’d say this one would be better for older teens and adults that enjoy puzzles and a challenge. The story is that you have signed up for a medical study to make some easy cash. Once at the lab there is an accident and you need solve the riddles to get the antidote before dying of the deadly virus. We did not find that the puzzles and story matched up as well in this game.

The puzzles again provide for multiple players to work on them and they do require different skills, including patience. We used more of the help cards this time, including one solution card. To check answers re-uses the answer cards in slightly different ways. In playing both games we never had this method fail, though sometimes our guess was wrong. The method is inventive.

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Last Words

I am impressed with how the game is able to bring in some of the excitement of live action escape rooms. These should be a complement to your escape room interest, but definitely not a substitute. We enjoyed the Abandoned Cabin more then the Secret Lab, though part of this I think is that the age of the players was on the younger end of the recommended range. I’ll be looking at the other games in this series.

Have you played these? What did you think? Can you recommend another game? Leave a comment about it.

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