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Escape Room Party Game Review – Lost Mummy

As you my know from my other reviews, the Lock, Paper, Scissors printable escape room game kits include all the materials for the game – clues, puzzles, theme posters, party invites, game master instructions and story. It also allows for customizing the materials to better match your party plan. You could even use them as a base for your DIY escape room.
Lock, Paper, Scissors has four other games:

Game Review


  • Great materials and easy setup
  • Challenging Puzzles that really matched the game theme
  • All members got involved and showed teamwork
  • Very manageable game master requirements


  • Large amount of printed materials

 Escape Room Game Play

The same groups of kids played the Lost Mummy escape room game as did the Escape Quest game. There were two groups of 4 and age ranges from 10 -15 years old. The theme of this game you can probably guess from the title is ancient Egyptian. In particular, your team has stumbled into an ancient tomb and must puzzle your way out.
The Lost Mummy DIY escape room party kit is recommended to be played in different rooms for the three challenges, but can be played in one space around a table. Our groups play the game simultaneously head to head so some were at one table and others in another room. They separated so that they would not give away clues while talking. I’d say playing the Lost Mummy game in different rooms would have added to the immersive experience.

Game Setup

This escape room party kit has a similar setup to the Escape Quest game. The lock paper scissors kits include the single file game pieces as well as individual designer files for customization. It also includes a second set of easier puzzles. We used the standard puzzles and did not try the easier set. This game’s pieces are full size sheets of paper, not cards. Less story telling by the game master is required than in Escape Quest, as the story is more written out on the player’s game sheets.
The game has three main challenges, each with a few connected puzzles. Most require cutting out parts or writing out answers. The game master’s main function for this game is to confirm the team’s answer and give them the materials for the next phase. Here is an example of the puzzles.
Solving DIY Escape Room game Lost Mummy Tablet Puzzle
Solving Lost Mummy Tablet Puzzle
[Spoiler]  At the start of the game each player is given a field notebook (folded sheet of paper) that has clues for different parts of the game. Each team gets four different notebooks, so players must work together to use the notebook’s clues.  A sheet with a clay tablet and four round fragments from the tablet are also given to the players. The team must align the fragments in the tablet to reveal a four digit code. Hints are in the notebook to assist with finding the correct placement of the fragments.

Game Play Take-Aways

The puzzles in this game held the interest more of the older kids in the group.The game sometimes got boring for the younger kids since they were sitting in one spot. The younger ones did enjoy the cutting and gluing of the game materials though. The players having to build up a pyramid and obelisks was a really cool idea. The game master ‘cheat sheet’ gives estimated times for each challenge and the groups definitely took the full time or a little more.
I really saw the teams working together and puzzling through these challenges. In talking with the players afterwards, they enjoyed solving these puzzles. Since we played it as more of a table top game I don’t think the immersive aspect of an escape room really came through. This could be a base to a really cool full room(s) DIY escape room experience through the use of the extras provided – posters, Spotify music playlists and suggested other props.

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