diy escape room party kit review - science breakout

DIY Escape Room Party Kit Review – Science Lab Breakout

The Game Gal ( recently gave me an escape room kit – Science Lab Breakout, to review for my readers. This diy escape room party kit review will be my honest opinion after running the game for family members. The game combines both printable items as well as house hold things like a clock, books and water pitcher. Internet access is also part of the standard play of the game.

The story line for the game is:

A mysterious science corporation invites you to a private tour of their facilities—and then leaves you locked in a room! Why you? What do they want? And most importantly, how do you escape? It’s up to your and your team to find out, but the clock is already ticking…

The game’s download file includes:

  • Printable game parts in separate color and black & white files.
  • Both an easy and hard version of puzzles and clues.
  • Extra items like, invitations (printable and email versions), posters, business cards, company letterhead and graphics.

The included directions explain how to setup the puzzles and possible adjustments. There is also a game master ‘cheat sheet’ to help lead the game. The direction even provide advice for the type of space to use and where to locate game items. The list includes where the physical items should be placed and how they match up with printed materials.

DIY escape room kit game played
Playing DIY escape room kit – Science Lab Breakout

Game Play

The game is recommended for 4+ players, 12 years old and up. My test players were two 13 year olds and one adult play the game. The game was set up in a home office space, which included a bookcase, closet, desk, computer and small file cabinet. I ended up using a mix of the easy and hard puzzles to make it doable for my players.

The players were ‘locked’ (door closed and lock hanging on door knob) in the room and I monitored the play via a webcam. Some of the game’s clues are meant to be easily found to allow players to progress the story. The players did find these pretty quickly. They also found most of the other items quickly, but two items they could not find and needed to use a clue. The kit comes with three clue cards for players to use to signal for a clue.

The puzzle types were varied with both the paper and physical items. They also had varying requirements to solve. There are puzzles to keep every team member involved. Including internet play was a nice variation. The game really requires the team to work together. A team could find themselves losing time if they don’t organize the clues and puzzles together.

Example Puzzle/Clue (Spoiler)

One of the needed physical items is an analog clock. A puzzles involves using a cipher wheel and decoding a message. Attached to the back of the clock is a clue for setting up the cipher wheel. The clock is also part of the clue.

The Game Gal’s DIY Escape Room Party Kit Review – Science Lab Breakout


  • Quality printable materials, with a lot of added extras. Printer ink is minimized as most sheets are not heavy in color and use white space
  • Very well written directions
  • Includes easy and hard puzzles
  • The inclusion of physical devices makes it immersive like a commercial room


  • Some physical items may not be common for everyone, like an analog clock
  • Internet connection required, though offline option is available

Check out more info on Game Gal’s Science Lab Breakout

3 thoughts on “DIY Escape Room Party Kit Review – Science Lab Breakout

  1. Do you feel it would be suitable for a group of 11-12 year olds? How long did it take you?
    I want to do an escape room for my daughters Valentines parry at school.

    1. Hi Sara,

      I think that this would be fine for that age group. It includes a set of easier puzzles, basically the same puzzles with more clues built-in. It also includes clue cards so the players can ask the host for hints. That way you can also control how play is going. I’d say it will take them around 45 minutes to finish. It probably took me 3 hours or so to completely print everything, understand the directions and setup the room. I did not do this all in one go, I printed the materials and read the directions. Then setup the room.

      You mentioned this would be for a school party. How many children at a time? I don’t think more then 4 can really enjoy it, just because there won’t be enough to keep them all occupied. You could run it multiple time for larger groups but obvious that takes a lot of time to get everyone through.

      Another option is one of the more paper based games like the Lost Mummy. These type you can easily print multiple sets and have teams at several different tables. These are not as active as the Science Lab one as it does not need to be setup throughout a room and can be played on a table.

      Also look at BreakoutEDU they have games that include locked boxes but can still be played in a small area and you could run multiple games at the same time. They offer kits or you can buy the pieces yourself. Or make a setup that will work, basically a few boxes with locks on them.

      Hope this helps.

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