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Color Crisis Printable Escape Room Game Review

The Game Gal recently sent me her latest printable escape room game – Color Crisis, to try out. The game’s story –

Everything’s turning black and white! A mysterious meteor has drained all the color from the earth. The only color left is locked in an underground vault. Can your team escape from the vault and release color back into the world before it’s too late? Humanity is counting on you to solve the Color Crisis!

Game Review


  • Cool Puzzles with printable and physical parts
  • Puzzles match well with game’s story
  • Game is re-usable


  • Numerous physical items needed
  • ‘locked in’ element seems forced to make it match escape room style

Game Basics

Escape Room Printable Game - players divide and conquer puzzles
Divide and Conquer Puzzles

The players must solve six color related experiments and other challenges to escape from the color vault and restore the world’s color. Like her previous printable escape game – Science Lab Breakout, this one requires physical items like water color paint, balloons and beads. This mix of printable pieces and other items gives the players a cool immersive game experience. It even includes an interactive web-based part, but can be fully played without an internet connection.

I played the game with five of my nieces and nephews, ranging in age from 11 – 17. The escape room game’s recommended ages are 8-12. So we were a little outside of this range and I’d agree with her range. The older players said it was a little too easy. I definitely think that there are ways to make it tougher if its being played by older kids or adults. I did not hide much of the materials, relying on the figuring out the six experiments as enough of a challenge, this was my mistake. Hiding some of the important experiment cards or needed parts would give a nice search part and help extend the game.

The recommended group size is 3-6 and we did 5. When I run it again I think I would keep the groups small, 2-3, so that they can do more. This group finished in about 30 minutes and wanted more puzzles to do. So, I should have had them play in two groups.

Escape Room Printable Game Ballon Puzzle
Balloon Color Experiment

The experiments are very hands-on, which really grabbed the players right away. As they played they seemed to quickly understand the basic steps needed to finish the room. The nature of the tasks provides a good mix of individual and team tasks, though their was some back and forth over who would do which part. A small group would be better so there is more for each player to do.

Puzzle Sample

Here is an example of the type of puzzles and without giving too much of a spoiler. Three cups of colored liquid are set out with three numbered small bottles of clear liquid near by. The player must determine what primary color was in each clear liquid before it was affected by the meteor’s dust and lost its color. Some clues tell you which two numbered bottles produced each of the three colored liquids.

I am a big fan of the printables puzzles that include both printed and physical parts as it gives a closer feel to a commercial escape room. Though I also think that the extra work and setup to incorporate these pieces may find it a negative to a completely printable games, so that is why I list this a con in my review.

Escape Room Game Setup and Prep Time

The game includes physical objects as well as the printed materials which required some prep time and room setup time. I spent about 2 hours total, with about 1 hour reading directions and printing materials; 1/2 hour getting together physical parts and 30+ minutes setting up the room. I also had my brother helping with setting up the room, which made it easier and quicker. This estimate does not include time to buy needed pieces that I did not have handy. If you do crafting, especially with children, you may have all the pieces readily available. I had to make a trip to the craft store and then to the supermarket for themed snacks. Who Does not like some gummy bears after saving the world’s color.

Are you ready to try and save the world’s brilliant colors? Check out Color Crisis with your friends and family!

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