escape room locks

Escape Room Locks

There are many choices for locks that you can use in your DIY escape room. A variety in the type of locks is as important as variety in other parts of your game. Locks are typically inexpensive and re-usable in your different rooms. You may already have a few laying around your house, or maybe […]

Puzzle Game Chest

Lessons Learned

Design and Setup Come up with the storyline or concept first. Don’t think of the puzzles and then try to make a story for them to fit into. You can brainstorm on puzzle and lock ideas but then put that aside while you create the story. Camera in room if possible. I did not have […]

Working Out the Storyline

I followed a variation of the Lock, Paper, Scissors Post-It notes method of developing the story for my project. I wrote the major pieces of the story on index cards. You can separate them by either: Starting Object Puzzle/Challenge Reward I used post-its to provide a little more detail of the puzzle or reward. Being […]