Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope that you find some useful information here for your DIY escape room.

I have always been interested in electronics projects. I’ve tinkered and built things since I was in grade school. Though sometime to my family’s chagrin as I did not always put back together what I touch apart. Also, in the last few years I’ve done more projects with Arduino microcontrollers and electronic discrete components.

So, when I started going to escape rooms and seeing some of the puzzles I really wanted to try it myself. I have a pretty big family with siblings and their children so I thought it would be fun to build it and watch them try it out. In doing my research online I found so many different resources – electronic puzzles, mechanical puzzles, professional resources, and great build out videos.

I’ve also tried different things with websites over the years, so soon after starting my first room I decided to start writing about the steps. Honestly as much for myslef to remember some of it as was it to pass on the information. Its been an added interest to optimize the blog. Changing from Blogger to WordPress as well as looking into some search engine optimization (SEO).

Ads and Affiliate Marketing Links

I have included some ads and affiliate marketing links to learn more about these things as well. These may, if things go well, provide some money. I would be happy (and surprised) if it covered my blog hosting costs and maybe helped with my electronics habit.

I may also receive complimentary products for review or testing. If so, I will include that in the post about it.

Enjoy your DIY escape room adventure!