cipher wheel puzzle review

Cipher Wheel Puzzle Review

Creative Escape Rooms provided me a sample for this cipher wheel puzzle review. The unit is very well built from MDF and plywood with engraved symbols and letters. The cipher wheel that I received is pirate themed. They also sent me a document of the symbols for use in encrypting messages. The cipher wheel and […]

Harry Potter DIY escape room

Harry Potter Escape Room

Zack M, from Reddit, created an awesome DIY escape room for his girlfriend as part of his proposal to her. It’s a Harry Potter escape room theme with the main challenge that Hermione has hidden Floo powder in the room and she needs to find it. Harry Potter Escape Room Play The adventure starts even […]

Arduino RFID Project – Turn Monitor On/Off

I have added another video to my Youtube channel, DIY-Escape-Room . This video shows a detailed breakdown of my arduino RFID project that was used for a diy escape room lock to turn on a computer monitor. Youtube Video Please check out the companion post to this, RFID Card to turn on/off Computer Monitor. It […]