Exit The Game - The Secret Lab and Abandoned Cabin

Exit the Game Review

I had not played any of the escape room inspired commercial board games yet, so these were on my Christmas wish list. Nicely, I received two for presents: Exit the Game – The Abandoned Cabin and The Secret Lab. I played both these games with a couple of my high school age nieces and nephew. […]

escape room locks

Escape Room Locks

There are many choices for locks that you can use in your DIY escape room. A variety in the type of locks is as important as variety in other parts of your game. Locks are typically inexpensive and re-usable in your different rooms. You may already have a few laying around your house, or maybe […]

Escape Team's App and Paper Game

Escape Team Game Review

Escape Team released their app based escape room game recently. Described as: Escape Team is a digital-physical escape game: solve puzzles using pen and paper, racing against a merciless countdown in the digital world. The puzzles vary in difficulty and some require cutting or other  changing of the printouts. Like in a physical escape room, […]

Printable Escape Games Collage

Printable Escape Rooms

As I have talked about in previous posts, diy escape room printable games are a great way to bring the escape room experience home. The options for games just keeps growing. The way games are prepared and played also vary. Some are completely self-contained in the printable files. It includes story, puzzles, clues and setup […]